I’ve recently transitioned to a pixel phone with GrapheneOS as my primary device, moving from an iPhone. The only thing that I was missing is having my photos be in sync across all of my devices using iCloud, but despite the convenience of Apple’s iCloud service for syncing photos across devices, it frequently disregards user rights and privacy. Thankfully, Immich offers a self-hosted and enhanced alternative while respecting my privacy & user rights.

Setting up immich is quite simple, just follow the official documentation. They even offer an installation script.


I advise against using services like Cloudflare Tunnel to make Immich accessible publicly for security and privacy concerns. Instead, consider using a VPN service such as tailscale/headscale for a more secure & convenient setup.

If you are using iCloud for your photos, there is a memory leak bug that will cause the iOS app to crash when uploading large amounts of media files. Either first download all your photos from iCloud & then upload to them Imminch, or “babysit” your phone while it’s uploading.