Emacs is my ride or die software, where I do all my computing. If not for Emacs, I wouldn’t give a byte about computers. Moved to GNU/Linux just for Emacs. But let’s face it, Emacs will forever swim against the current. Just like Gentoo, it’s too hardcore for the mainstream. To vibe with it or not, that’s the 1 million dollar question.

Possible Solutions

Emacs needs distributions to shine in this modern digital landscape where everything should “just work” Distros like Doom Emacs can flex the power of Emacs, enticing even those who can’t define it.

Most people start with a text editor and never bother looking for alternatives. Even Lisp learners typically skip Emacs as a starting point. If not them, then who?

An Emacs distribution that just works would draw newcomers or at least be the editor that you can drop on someone to learn programming. Possible also something finely tuned for academics & wordsmiths with org-mode.

Popularity shmopularity!

Popularizing Emacs goes beyond just boosting its own fame; it’s about spreading the gospel of the GNU philosophy & Lisp programming that Emacs embodies.

We’re not just promoting a tool, but a mindset and a way of thinking that challenges the status quo in the world. Embracing Emacs means embracing a hacker ethos of freedom.